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10 Best Kitchen Magnetic Knife Holders | Knife Storage Racks Reviews

Magnetic holders are a very important accessory in day-to-day life, this is because they hold the metallic tools that we use safely and protect us from unnecessary injuries. Especially for those of us who enjoy the kitchen life the magnetic knife holder is necessary to have an accessory as knives can be very dangerous especially when one is working very fast and with a short time. If one considers storing the knives, garage tools, or even office accessories in a drawer it obviously will be riskier compared to storing them in a magnetic holder. It is however always important to choose the best magnetic holders from the many being sold in the market. Below is a review of the best magnetic knife holders.

Table of Best Magnetic Knife Holders Reviews

10. Premium Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holders – Professional Magnetic Knife Strip – Knife Rack/Knife Bar With Powerful Magnetic Pull Force

The premium 17-inch magnetic knife holder is something to go for as it is designed with a very heavy-duty magnet that does not lose its magnetic force. The magnetic force spreads over the seventeen-inch length bar and easily releases the knives for use. It holds knives of different sizes and weights with a lot of ease making it ideal to store any knife set. Having been made with a quality stainless steel flat magnetic bar makes it space-saving and can fit in any kitchen giving it an elegant look. It goes a very long way in storing someone’s knives and making sure that they are stored at a very high level of cleanliness.

Top Features

  • Made of strong stainless steel metal
  • Very strong magnet fitted
  • Holds different sets of knives
  • Very space-saving

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9. Ouddy Kitchen Magnetic Knife Holders – Magnetic Knife Block for Utensil Holder

It is important for one to always store one’s knives in a safe way which is why the Ouddy 16-inch holder is a perfect choice. It is made of strong stainless steel and comes with a very strong magnet. The flat stainless steel makes it ideal for the small spaced kitchen. The powerful magnets help to firmly suspend the knives making them even safer for children and very easy to access. The magnetic holder is very multipurpose as it can be used even to hold other accessories like garage tools and office accessories. it easily mounts on kitchen walls and the knives are always in place as they don’t slide. It is rust-free and does not lose its magnetic power easily. Also very easy to clean.

Top Features

  • Made of a very powerful magnet
  • It is a very modern knife holder
  • Holds the knives strongly
  • Easy to mount

8. Magnetic Natural Bamboo Magnetic Knife Block – Knife Storage Rack

Need a strong magnetic knife holder worry no more the magnetic kitchen knife block is the solution. A very attractive bamboo-constructed holder is fitted with a strong magnet to give it a modern look. It easily accommodates different types of knives as it comes with different slot sizes, it is easy to clean and very hygienic to use.  Fitted with a magnet that can hold even knives that are above one kg makes it very safe for storing knives and other accessories. Having been constructed with non-slip rubber feet makes it very stable in all conditions. It is very important to always store the knives vertically.

Top Features

  • Made of natural bamboo wood
  • Very easy to clean
  • Accommodates knives even above one kg weight

7. Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder for Kitchen Knives & Utensils, Office

Looking for a strong long-lasting magnetic knife holder, the i8-inch steel magnetic holder is the perfect one. Having been made with a strong stainless steel bar and fitted with a double magnetic bar it holds the knives and other accessories strongly. It is rustproof and fits every interior. It organizes the knives on 18 surfaces that are strengthened with great magnetic strengths. The 6 added adjustable stainless steel hooks add to the storage space mostly for utensils. It is easy to wall-mount as it comes with all the necessary screws. It is very recommendable to use as it protects one from the many injuries that come from poor knife storage.

Top Features

  • Constructed with long-lasting materials
  • Has an added six hooks
  • Very easy to install
  • Very safe to use

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6. Walnut Kitchen Knife Holder with Multi-Purpose Functionality

Unlike the many magnetic knife holders, the walnut magnetic knife holder gives an elegant look to one’s kitchen. The holder is designed in a way that saves one’s space be it in the kitchen or the office. It is fitted with a very strong magnet that securely holds the knives making them very safe and easily accessible when being used. This holder portrays a very modern design as its magnet is usually engraved in the wood allowing the knives to hang safely this makes it very attractive due to the wood finish. It does not rust or lose the magnetic power and it is very easy to install and mount.

Top Features

  • Made from walnut wood
  • Has an engraved strong magnet
  • It does not rust
  • Has a very elegant look

5. Ouddy 22-Inch Magnetic Knife Bar – Kitchen Knife Holder

When looking for a strong magnetic knife holder it is very important to consider the Ouddy 22-inch Magnetic holder as it suspends one’s knives on the wall making it convenient to access. This magnetic holder gives the maximum solution to the bulky knife block. It is fitted with a very strong magnetic strip that securely holds the knives and ensures maximum safety for kids. This is a very convenient way to store someone’s knives and can be a very good gift for a friend. It does not rust and it easily gets mounted on the walls without sliding.

Top Features

  • Very easy to mount
  • A very convenient way to store knives
  • Great gift for a friend
  • Fitted with a strong magnetic strip

4. Eco-friendly Bamboo Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder

In case you need to give your kitchen wall a beautiful bamboo texture use the Eco-friendly bamboo magnetic knife holder. It is fitted with very powerful magnetic forces and holds all metal accessories in place on the 17-inch strip. It easily fetches the knives back very fast using the one-inch magnetic bar. This one happens to be more durable than the other holders as it absorbs little moisture. It does not stain and absorb odors hence very easy to clean.

Top Features

  • Made of eco-friendly bamboo wood
  • Fitted with an extra powerful magnet
  • Does not rust or absorb smells
  • Easily fetches the knives back

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3. Powerful Wall Mount Wooden Magnetic Knife Strip

This is a very strong magnetic knife holder that is made of natural wood that comes finished with safe food oil and is very space-saving. The strong continuous magnet makes it ideal for use as it strongly holds the knives or other accessories. It easily mounts on the wall and does not tilt. The magnet is strong and long-lasting. Hardly does it rust.

Top Features

  • Fitted with a strong continuous magnet
  • Easy to mount
  • Made of natural wood

2. Walnut Wood Magnetic Replaceable Knife Organizer

The replaceable knife block is wholly constructed with walnut wood and it enriches one’s kitchen with a very beautiful walnut wood texture. It is fitted with a strong magnetic force that always keeps the knives strongly attached to the seventeen-inch bar. It easily grips the knives after use. The knife holder absorbs little moisture hence very durable it  does not stain  or absorb smells

Top Features

  • Made of walnut wood
  • Fitted with a very strong magnet
  • Very durable
  • Does not stain

1. Dark Walnut Wood Magnetic Knife Strip and Holder

The dark walnut magnetic knife strip is one of the most stylish holders that give a very elegant look to one’s kitchen. It is fitted with a very strong magnet that strongly grips the knives. Due to its strong magnetic force, it grabs the knives and sticks them very fast after use. It absorbs little moisture hence long-lasting and does not rust.

Top Features

  • Fitted with a very strong magnet
  • It does not rust
  • Absorbs very little moisture






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