Best Magnetic Phone Car Mount

Top 10 Best Magnetic Phone Car Mount in 2024 Reviews

A car mount holder is one of the most loved devices for people who like to travel. It is quite a nuisance and unsafe to answer the phone calls now and then while driving and it is also inconvenient to pull out the phone from the pocket. It can be dangerous too to take your eyes off the road to look down at your phone. The magnetic car mount holder helps you to hold your smartphone or GPS device securely at eye level.

These car phone holders make your life much easier while you are behind the wheel by mounting your device at a perfect location. These car mount holders are handy and provide robust protection for your expensive smartphones. Mount holders allow the user to place the smartphone in such a way that it can be seen conveniently without having to reach out.

How to choose the best magnetic phone car mount

The following buying will help you to select the best magnetic phone car mount.

  • Easy to install: Some car mounts are easy to set up and offer more convenience to the user.
  • Security: Magnetic mount which uses a powerful magnet to keep the smartphone in position with no wobbling or slippage is the best.
  • Protection from scratches: some manufacturers use rubber or silicone to protect your valuable smartphone from scratch.
  • Compatibility: The car mount which is compatible with most of the devices such as iPhones, Android phones, Tablets, and GPS devices is good to buy so that you can use the single car mount for different devices.

List of Best Magnetic Phone Car Mount in 2024

10. Magnetic Cradle-less Smartphone Car Mount Holder

Koomus Pro Magnetic CD slot mount is innovative and easy to install. You just have to push a button and slide it into a CD slot, and it is ready to use. It is a hassle quick and easy snap-in one-hand mounting system. The mount holder is 360 degrees rotatable and can be installed with the protected case. The sophisticated rectangular design is covered with silicone which protects your smartphone from scratches. The mount holder is compatible with all kinds of smartphones with or without a cover.

Key feature:

  • Easy One-Push installation and removal
  • Universal compatibility
  • 360-degree rotation

9. aLLreLi Universal Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder

This is a universal car mount that works for all smartphones, whatever the size or model it will keep them in place. 360-degree rotation stainless steel ball gives the most comfortable viewing angle to avoid reflecting light from the phone. Magnetic Car Cradles Mount will keep your smartphone visible and completely secure, so your hands can remain on the wheel. The aLLreLi car mount has a powerful magnet that holds the smartphone in position with no wobbling or slippage. The magnetic mount passes through hundreds of tests to guarantee that it is safe for your device.

Key feature:

  • Easy to install
  • Perfect viewing angle with 360-degree rotation
  • Ultra-secure
  • Universal design

8. Maxboost Magnetic Car Mount

The multipurpose Maxboost Magnetic Car Mount conveniently and securely attaches your smartphone to any flat surface of your car, kitchen, bedroom, or office so that you can enjoy the hands-on experience anywhere. The magnetic mount is compatible with all kinds of smartphones with the cover or without the cover. The mount is featured with four powerful magnets which ensure your smartphone remains secure on the mounting surface. The mount had a super slim design and was padded with soft rubber which provides smooth magnetic adhesion and avoids scratches on the smartphone.

Key feature:

  • Easy installation
  • Multipurpose magnetic mount
  • Universal compatibility
  • Sleek design
  • Versatile viewing
  • Powerful magnet

7. Anker Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount, Highly-Adjustable Phone Holder

Anker Universal Magnetic Car Mount has the 3M adhesive technology which sticks fast for the long term and robust hold. It can be mounted on any flat surface of your dashboard or center console. The Anker mount has universal compatibility and can hold any device up to 8 inches wide and 11 Oz heavy. You can even slide a thin case inside and affix a thicker case outside. It has a highly flexible ball joint rotation which helps to set the perfect personalized position of your smartphone.

Key feature:

  • Ultra-compact
  • Precision viewing
  • Accommodates Any Device

6. TechMatte MagGrip Dashboard and Windshield Magnetic Universal Car Mount Holder

TechMatte MagGrip car mount is a universal smartphone mount that can secure almost any kind of smartphone to a dashboard or windshield. It can quickly secure to windshield or dashboard with a suction cup gel pad. It provides strong suction and leaves no residue behind. The car mount is constructed with durable and sturdy plastic and rubber which holds the device securely in place.

Key feature:

  • Universal smartphone car mount
  • Suction cup gel pad
  • Smooth 360-degree viewing

5. Baseus Universal Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder for Car Dashboard Mount 

Universal Magnetic Car Mount by Baseus is compatible with any phone or GPS and can be installed in any car. 3 M VHB adhesive and extra strong magnets provide greater stability even for lightweight devices. The Universal car mount offers 360-degree rotation and viewing angle freedom. The mount is convenient, easy to install, and super tight.

Key feature:

  • Completely universal
  • One second mounting
  • Multifunctional


SCOSCHE MAGDMB magic mount is a universal mount for all types of smartphones and GPS devices. Just hover your device near the magnetic surface, and your device will be instantly locked securely in place. This is a sleek and versatile car mount that has high-power magnets to secure your device. Heat and cold-resistant design that withstands extreme temperatures for safe use in your car. The mount can be placed in the car, home, or office so that you can enjoy the hands-on experience anywhere.

Key feature:

  • Universal mount
  • Cradle-free design
  • Heat and cold-resistant design

3. SMART & EASY Magnetic Cell Phone Holder – Ultra Slim Car Mount 

The smart and easy Magnetic Cell Phone holder will allow you to keep yourself up to date on everything flashing on your smartphone’s screen. The cell phone holder comes with active snap technology to keep your device safe from falling. It is tested to ensure that the magnetic pull does not harm your smartphone. The mount holder is built in such a way that it easily sticks to any flat surface so that you can use it not only in the car but also in the office, house, or anywhere.

Key feature:

  • Sleek and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Stick to any flat surface
  • Compatible with various devices
  • High Anti-slip rubber surface
  • User friendly
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Powerful Reinforced magnets

2. WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder

The WizGear magnetic car mount is easy to use because of its simple and complementary design. The mount holder has a sturdy rubber base and a powerful magnetic head for holding smartphones. The sturdy rubber base holds your mobile in place regardless of road vibrations or other impacts. The base of the mount will remain fixed on a flat surface, and you can freely rotate the mobile as much as you like.

Key feature:

  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy base
  • Powerful magnetic mount

1. Veckle CD Slot Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder

The Veckle CD Slot Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder is easy to install and remove. It has three roof design wider blades which provide more stability. These blades come with silicone which ensures your CD player does not get any scratches. The mount holder has four groups of strengthening magnets that attract your smartphone firmly. The magnetic field of the mount holder is closed so it will not affect your phone. You can adjust any view angle because the car mount has a 360-degree rotation. The phone holder also has wide compatibility with all mobile and GPS devices.

Key feature:

  • Easy operation
  • Wide compatibility
  • Super magnetic
  • 360-degree rotation


The best car mount phone holders put the device safely within your reach and view so that you can use the most necessary functions of the smartphone such as answering calls on speaker and hearing the map instructions.

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