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Top 10 Best Indoor/Outdoor Push Brooms for Home Reviews In 2024

Push brooms are one of the many types of brooms in the market ideal for cleaning. When you need to clean or clear debris left behind after work, the best type of broom to use is the push broom. It is pretty easy to use and can clean a wide range of debris fast. However, the type of push broom to buy usually depends on the type of debris you expect to clean most of the time.  Soft bristles in such brooms help clean fine debris while rough bristles clean rough debris better.

In this review, we are going to look at the leading push brooms for you to buy. Depending on cleaning needs, these are the best push brooms in the market currently.

Best Push Brooms Reviews

10. AmazonBasics 24″ Heavy-Duty Floor Push Broom Kit

The AmazonBasics push broom is a high-quality six-pack ideal for cleaning heavy-duty floors.  It is a quality selection that comes with both the heads and handles of the brooms to get you started right away. This broom is quite reliable and can withstand some of the toughest floors. It features a plastic foam block that helps prevent mold build-up, warping, and cracking. There are two threaded handles on the broom for easy handle switching to finish different sweeping tasks. Overall, it is an excellent buy that comes with a one-year warranty.


  • A pack of six push brooms
  • Two-handle holes on the broom
  • 24-inch long broom handles
  • Plastic foam block for durability

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9. O-Cedar Professional 24-inch Smooth Surface Push Broom

The O-Cedar is another heavy-duty plastic broom that will serve you for a long. It is a durable broom that won’t warp, crack, or grow mold.  It is nicely constructed using the Maxi-lock technology where the head is firmly held to the handle. The socket between the head and handle is anti-rotation ensuring the head will never become loose. The bristles of the broom are the soft feather making this broom ideal for sweeping smooth floor surfaces. Overall, it is a valuable broom that you can order with confidence. It comes with a satisfaction guarantee.


  • It features a maxi lock technology
  • Anti-rotation socket
  • Heavy-duty plastic block
  • Soft feather bristles ideal for smooth surfaces

8. FlexSweep Unbreakable Commercial Push Broom

The Flexsweep push broom is one of the best picks on the market currently with a high-tech elastomer engineered connector that makes the broom unbreakable. It is a durable construction featuring an aero-aluminum handle for long-lasting use. The broom is an excellent choice for smooth sweeping floors. It features long-lasting styrene bristles and a non-scratch ABS scraper. The end grip is also soft cushioned for easy use.


  • Durable styrene bristles
  • Aero-aluminum handle
  • High-tech elastomer connector
  • Cushioned soft end grip

7. American Market Large Multi-Surface Push Broom with Handle

The American Marker push broom is a durable American product made to the highest standards. It is a quality choice with a long 49-inch aluminum alloy handle. The broom is a perfect pick for sweeping patios, decks, and sidewalks.  The bristles are sturdy and measure 3 inches long to help sweep both the small and large debris.  The handle features a hook for easy storage on walls.


  • High-quality broom head
  • Sturdy 3-inch long bristles
  • 49-inch long alloy metal
  • 24-inch head

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6. Black and Decker Indoor/Outdoor Push Broom

This is another pretty simple push broom with a wide 24-inch broom for faster sweeping. It is a great choice with sturdy construction for durability. The broom features a self-locking ratchet that helps prevent the broom head from unscrewing. There is a soft grip foam in the middle of the handle allows for a comfortable grip. Overall, this is a durable push broom with a steel support brace and pole.


  • 24-inch wide head brush
  • Soft grip foam
  • Durable steel pole
  • Steel support brace

5. LIBMAN 801.0 24″ Push Broom with Resin Block

The Libman 801.0 is a fine bristle push broom ideal for moving small debris and sweeping smooth floors. It is a lightweight broom that is quite easy to use weighing a mere 3 pounds.  The broom features a 24-inch wide head for faster sweeping and 3-inch fine bristles to easily clean smooth floors.  The handle is a durable 70 percent recycled steel for durability. At the top of the tip are a nylon thread and a 5-inch handle grip for comfortable sweeping.  Overall, the Libman is an excellent push broom with replacement handles that are sold separately.


  • 24-inch wide head
  • Fine 3-inch bristles
  • Recycled steel frame
  • 5-inch nylon thread grip handle

4. AmazonBasics 18-Inch Fine Floor Push Broom Kit

This is another excellent pack of six push brooms from one of the leading brands on the market. It is a quality choice that comes with all the broom handles and heads for immediate use out of the box.  The brooms are a perfect choice for waxed or polished floors. They feature flagged bristles that help capture some of the finest dust particles.  The head also features two holes to allow for quick handle switching. The brooms come packed with a one-year limited warranty from AmazonBasics.


  • Two handle holes on the head
  • Flagged bristles to capture fine dust
  • A pack of six brooms
  • Plastic foam block that resists molds, cracks, and warps

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3. Super Sweep 36″ Gray Flagged Broom

This is another lightweight aluminum pole push broom with a wooden head and smooth bristles. It is a perfect broom designed to sweep dust, grit, and other fine debris. The broom pole and plate have been firmly welded together to prevent any loosening and rust.  This unique welding makes this broom quite sturdy and easy to use.  Overall, the Super Sweep push-broom is an excellent addition for sweeping smooth concrete floors, and ceramic, vinyl, and varnished wood floors.


  • Lightweight aluminum pole
  • Plate and pole uniquely welded
  • Flagged heavy textured synthetic bristles
  • Ideal for smooth and polished floors

2. AmazonBasics 18″ Heavy Duty Floor Push Broom Kit

This is an 18-inch wide-head AmazonBasics push broom that is sold as a six-pack. It is an excellent broom when you need to get the best value for your money. The entire package comes with all the heads and handles for the immediate use of the brooms. The head features a plastic foam block that resists mold, warp, and cracks. The brooms are quite reliable and designed to handle the toughest industrial sweeping applications.  They also feature two-threaded holes on the head for easy switching of the handle.


  • The two-threaded hole for faster handle switching
  • A pack of six brooms
  • All heads and handles included
  • Plastic foam blockhead that resists cracks, mold, and warps

1. LIBMAN 823 24-INCH Multi-Surface Heavy-Duty Push Broom

The Libman 823 push broom is our final pick for the best push brooms of the year. It features a hunger tip for easy storage and a threaded handle for easy handle switching.  The broom is one of the most versatile choices on our list. It features firm and flexible fibers that can handle a wide range of floor surfaces.  This broom will last you for longer than your usual broom giving you value for money. It has a sweeping head width of 24 inches and a long handle measuring 62 inches. The bristles are 3 inches long. Read more about wall-mount fans


  • Versatile and handles all floor types
  • Long 3-inch fiber bristles
  • 24-inch wide head
  • 62 inches total height






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