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Top 10 Best Scooter Boards for Kids Reviews In 2024

As a more liked and safer alternative to bikes, scooter boards are an excellent selection especially when you want your kids to get into sports and exercise. If you are looking for something to encourage your kids to get more active and leave their computer games behind, getting them the best scooter boards is a great idea. These scooters will not only allow the kids to exercise but also to enjoy playing indoors and outdoors.

With our busy schedules and many tasks to tackle at home, most parents hardly have time to research, analyze, and study the multiple scooter boards on the market. To save you the worry of selecting a model that might not suit the needs of your kids, we have prepared an all-inclusive guide to the best models on the market.

Best Scooter Board Reviews

10. ETA hand2mind Blue Plastic Scooter Board

While this plastic scooter is engineered to let your kids have plenty of fun, there is so much to get from this scooter. It features an ergonomic design full of innovative features that will also allow the kid to build his strength while enhancing his motor skills. The scooter is made using high-quality and strong materials that accommodate a weight of up to 175 lbs. What’s more this scooter comes with sturdy wheels that ensure a smooth ride both indoors and outdoors.

Key features

  • A scooter can hold up to 175Lbs
  • Two handles on the sides allow students to sit while steering
  • Smooth and sturdy wheels
  • Molded from high-density and durable plastic

9. Champion Sports Standard Scooter Board

Whether you would want your kid to learn coordination, teamwork, or motor skills, this scooter board will offer this plus plenty of fun. Similar to other models from this manufacturer, this model comes with sturdy yet non-marring rubber wheels making it easy to use both indoors and outdoors. Besides, this model comes with a wide base that the kid can use while kneeling, sitting, or in a prone position especially when playing games.

Key features

  • Non-marring rubber swivel casters
  • Sturdy handles provide steering and control
  • Hard plastic construction
  • Smooth and sturdy wheels

8. Champion Sports Contoured Plastic Scooter Board

The champion sports scooter will help in promoting your kid’s strength, balance, as well as creativity. The user can use the scooter in various positions including kneeling, seating, as well as prone position. You can also create a scooter train or play scooter hockey. The board comes with contoured handles that ensure a more comfortable and nonslip grip while the non-marking casters ensure that your floors remain unmarred.

Key features

  • Durable plastic scooter with contoured handles
  • Superior heavy-duty plastic construction
  • Unique finger-protective design
  • Four non-marking plastic swivel casters

7. ETA hand2mind Plastic Scooter Board

With the ETA Habd2mind scooter, your children can glide, scoot, and roll around your living room or garage without damaging the floors. This exercise will not only help kick the boredom of playing the same games but also help them build core strength and coordination. The board comes with two handles with protectors that ensure that their hands are safe. Additionally, this model comes in various colors allowing you to pick the color that your kid likes.

Key features

  • Handles keep hands safe from rolling wheels
  • Plastic wheels won’t damage floors
  • Easy control of acceleration and maneuverability
  • comes in a variety of vivid colors

6. Get out Plastic Scooter Board for Kids

Turn the boring weekends into exciting and enjoyable moments that your kid will treasure for the rest of his/her life. This scooter board comes equipped with non-marring rubber casters and sturdy handles making it easy to control. Your kid can also get plenty of fun inside the house without having to worry about damaging your delicate floors. The unit also comes with an ergonomic design that ensures that your kid is safe.

Key features

  • Patented strong wheels
  • Superior heavy-duty plastic construction
  • Sturdy handles for safety
  • Safe and protective design

5. GSE Games & Sports Kids Gym Class Plastic Scooter Board

The GSE Games & Sports scooter board is designed to offer you incredible stability, durability, and style. This board is made from abrasion, transformational, and strikes plastic materials that offer maximum strength. For increased performance, these boards also come with handles on either side as well as swivel casters that ensure easy control. Additionally, this board also comes with non-marring wheels that will not damage the floors.

Key features

  • Double ball bearing swivel caster wheels
  • Solid ribs as well as  hand guards for  enhanced  safety
  • Wheels are non-marring
  • Patented connect feature

4. FlagHouse 2-Person Scooter

While this is not one of the most popular models on the market, it offers you unique features that you will never find on other models. This is a two-person scooter allowing both of your kids to enjoy their time together. The scooter is crafted from indestructible polypropylene materials ensuring maximum strength for long-term service. Besides, unlike other models, this scooter will let your kids learn teamwork lessons as well as leave vivid memories of their childhood.

Key features

  • Constructed of indestructible polypropylene
  • Marring rubber castes prevent floor scratches
  • Great for teamwork and cooperation
  • Smooth gliding swivel wheels

3. Cosom 16-Inch Premium Scooter Board

The great fun starts with this scooter board from Cosom. If you are frustrated when trying to make your kid leave their computer games, getting this model will solve this problem. This scooter comes with advanced features that make your kids love the outdoors. We love the high rebound PU wheels that come with double race bearings coupled with the non-marring performance wheels. To ensure user safety this mode also comes with protective hand guards that keep the hands safe.

Key features

  • Hi-Rebound PU wheels with double race bearings
  • Molded from durable high-density polypropylene
  • Four Inch Non-Marring Performance Wheels
  • Easy control of acceleration and maneuverability

2. Cramer Cosom 12-Inch Scooter Board for Children

When you are looking to offer total fun for all the kids in the house, this scooter board will do the trick. Featuring sturdy handles, and smooth rubber casters, this scooter ensures your kid’s safety while protecting the delicate floors. Owing to its smooth rolling casters and ergonomic design, this scooter is also easy to control and steer. This makes it a perfect choice for kids who love taking part in various outdoor activities including caterpillar and scooter hockey.

Key features

  • Two-Inch Non-marring nylon casters
  • Wide handles for easy control
  • Durable plastic board
  • Patented connect-a-scooter feature

1. Cosom Scooter 16-Inch Scoot Board

If you are planning to give your kids a special treat, this is a great choice. This board is crafted from high-end plastic materials to ensure a durable performance. For enhanced stability and strength, this board also comes with heavy ribs and four-inch non-marring double wall wheels. Besides, this model also comes with a connect-a-scooter feature that allows it to carry more than one kid. Read more about the off-road scooters.

Key features

  • Non-marring and  durable  wheels
  • Molded from high-density and durable plastic
  • High-quality plastic board
  • Patented connect-a-scooter feature






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