Top 10 Best Time Clock In 2024 Reviews

Human error happens in the workplace all the time. And, when it comes to fixing human errors made when keeping track of employee’s working time each day, a time clock is what most businesses and companies use.

Indeed, a time clock is a device of great usefulness. Today, time clocks are becoming more innovative than ever coming from different brands and in many models; that leaves shoppers with plenty of choices to choose from. In this article, let’s take a look at the top 10 best time clock reviews of the year. These picks are high quality and made to meet a whole variety of needs.

List Of Top 10 Best Time Clock In 2024 Reviews

10. TimeMoto TM-616 RFID Time Clock System

The first recommendation from us is the TimeMoto TM-616 RFID. This new and innovative product is brought to you by Safescan. This employee time clock is the ideal choice if you are looking for something simple and easy to use. More than keeping track of working hours, this smart device offers accurate records of the number of overtime, project hours, and absences. This time clock uses Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

It is applicable for use at various kinds of companies since it can record up to 200 fingerprints. With the simple installation of the PC software, it is ready to serve you. The display of this time clock system is 2.8” and the size of it is .9 x 8.5 x 1.7 inches. And, the setup as well as the operation of this time clock is straightforward, too.

9. Timedox Silver D Biometric Fingerprint

The next item that stands out is the Timedox Silver D Biometric Fingerprint. With a size of 11.7 x 8.4 x 2.9 inches, this one is the highly recommended product for use in any firm. More than just storing data in one PC, it allows you to transfer it in and out too. Please note that the USB memory is added; therefore, you can transfer the data via it. This fingerprint time clock for small businesses is the right solution for keeping track of and recording staff working hours.

It is such a user-friendly choice as each worker can see their working hours with ease. It supports 55 employees maximum. Another great feature of it is it gives the break time alert. If you are looking for ways to improve the workflow of your company, this product is the right answer. And, the company, Timedox, is always available to solve your problems (during the day).

8. Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock from Creative Time Solutions will give you the convenience that you cannot get from most time clocks. It is the ideal solution for recording the working hours, overtime working hours, absences, and other reports. This smart fingerprint time attendance machine is beneficial for both the firm and the employees. First off, staff can see their working hours whenever they want. It is a good way to choose the top active employees too.

On top of that, it saves time in calculating the monthly salary. It does not require any installation and can be accessed anywhere anytime with a computer browser. The package of this product comes with comp time, web clock, and timesheet. Last but not least, the company of this product backs the item with a lifetime warranty.

7. Citadel OB2000 Web-Based Tablet

Citadel OB2000 Web-Based Time Clock is one of the ultimate options. This time clock is designed to have a 7” screen. This product is equipped with new innovative technology which can effectively reduce errors. More than just allowing employees to scan their fingerprints, it is built in with RFID, a camera for capturing ID photos, a punching feature, and more.

To avoid unnecessary overtime work, this device specifically sets the in and out time for your staff. At the price point, this 12 x 4 x 10-inch product is far better than other choices. Best yet, it can be tracked offline as well. And, Citadel has a very reliable customer service

6. ZKTeco CT20 Fingerprint

Here we have another best biometric fingerprint time clocks for using in all types of workplaces; the ZKTeco CT20 Fingerprint Machine will impress you with its great features. This device is well-designed to have a 2.8-inch screen and an attractive display. The package comes with a USB drive for convenient connectivity. This product follows the new innovative technology; therefore, the error when screening the fingerprint can be eliminated.

This user-friendly product will not need any software or Internet connection. More incredible than this, you can easily obtain the data from it too. You don’t need to be concerned if the electricity is cut as it can stand for 8 hours. The size is 9.3 x 7.9 x 4.6 inches.

5. Icon Time Systems TotalPass

The next premium product is brought to you by Icon Time Systems. This is the right choice for any small firm or company. It is the ideal choice for use in a company whose staff are around 50. With its Wifi features, it will make the accessibility a lot easier. This fingerprint time clock for small businesses allows you to transfer the data via USB, Network as well as Interest in less time and effort.

Another feature that can also be found in this product is known as a badge reader. It is the perfect choice for accessing the area that requires the employee badge. The assistance from this device is perfect for keeping an accurate monthly payroll. The size of this item is 12 x 10 x 4 inches.

4. Aibecy Intelligent Biometric Fingerprint

Carrying many superb features, this Aibecy Intelligent Biometric Fingerprint is an outstanding pick. First off, this product requires no software at all; therefore, this product promises to make recordings much easier. It has received many positive reviews on the accuracy and convenience that it offers. The USB disk is given in the package, and it is used for transferring the data in and out.

If you used to have a problem with the fingerprint sensor, we bet that that is no such thing with this awesome product. It can read and identify the information in just 1 second. The total dimensions of this incredible product are 10.7 x 8.1 x 2.6 inches and the screen size is 2.4 inches.

3. uAttend CB6500 Time Clock

uAttend CB6500 is a Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine that comes with everything you need for recording the working hours in the office. It is a cost-effective product which is great for keeping track of the attendance of each staff. More than just reading the fingerprint, it records the real-time punch in the cloud too. This product aims to give the best to the employees and the accurate record for the firm; as a great result, it allows you to check the working hours with ease.

This product is also a great way to reinforce the working hours as well as you can set the in and out time. At the price point, we believe that you will find it affordable. This device comes in the size of 1.5 x 7.5 x 5.5 inches, you will also get a lifetime warranty.

2. Acroprint 01-1070-411 Model

This is Acroprint 01-1070-411 another model you shouldn’t miss. With the price and desirable, versatile features, it is suitable for use in all types of firms. This Manual Print Time Recorder offers great recordings on the date and time. It is also suitable for storing in many places you want. More than this, installing it at the doorway is also applicable.

It is a heavy-duty product that is designed to have a size of 10.2 x 8.2 x 12.2 inches. In the case that there is no battery, it can function for up to 125 minutes as well. If you are worried about the operation process, concern no more since installation is a snap.

1. punch Time Clock Bundle

The last and also the best product on the list today goes to uPunch Time Clock Bundle. This special edition is perfect for tracking accurate records of employees’ clocking in and out time each day which facilitates the calculation of weekly, semi-monthly as well and monthly salaries. Many accessories are coming in this package; those include cards, ribbons, time card racks, and keys.

You can get an accurate recording since the card will align well with the card feed. Such a great device is indeed the right choice for tracking the time and working hours of the staff. As this product comes in the size of 15 x 12 x 8 inches, it is the ideal choice for use in many places. Get this awesome product today and enjoy the 2-year warranty and lifetime customer support.


All of these products are the most sought-after time clocks of the year. They are effective devices you can access at your fingertips for managing your company’s workforce. Some of them are ideal for small firms while some are also suited for medium-sized companies. So, feel free to explore our reviews and find one that can cater to your company’s needs best.







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