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Best Universal Battery Chargers Review In 2024

Taking good pictures and posting them on your social media accounts is satisfying to the extent that nothing else matches the feeling.

You can simply do it having the newer smartphones with the best cameras or you can use digital cameras which help you capture the high-definition picture with very peculiar detail of the view you are seeing.

But along with the cameras and other equipment, you require one thing which results in being the most essential one. It is the charger for your smartphone or your camera’s battery.

In this article, we will be discussing multiple chargers that can help you charge your mobile phones, and camera batteries efficiently and effortlessly.

The products listed below have been picked very specifically to have all the different types and kinds available in the market to help you with selecting one for you.

All of these are assessed upon customer reviews and comments. Please grant a glimpse:

1. Onite – Universal Battery Charger

Onite brings you a universal battery charger which is suitable for both kinds of batteries, the ones having the terminal on the top and the ones with the terminals on the bottom side.

But this universal charger does not charge the batteries with terminals on the sides. This one is a universal mobile charger that allows you to charge different batteries.

The dock can adjust with ninety percent of mobile batteries. For the prevention of overcharging, the charger consists of a built-in security system.

The charger has an LED indication system to show you the battery and charging status so that you never overcharge your batteries.

The chargers have been tested and are approved to work eight straight hours consecutively and they arrive with a two-year warranty which makes them much more dependable.

What we like:

  • Universal charging
  • Built-in protection
  • Two-year Warranty

2. NITECORE – Dual Port Battery Charger

The dual-port battery charger presented to you by NITECORE is an all-in-one charger that allows you to charge two batteries at the same time and other USB-supported devices which makes it very convenient.

The charger has an LCD which enables you to see the battery percentage and the charging status.  The charger is very durable and sturdy as it is made from PC and ABS materials.

The charger protects your batteries from overcharging as it automatically stops charging when the charging of the battery is completed. The charger is compatible with multiple power banks, and USB adapters which make it travel-friendly.

The charger comes in with its adapter which allows you to charge your batteries wherever you desire to. The package includes the charger, one adapter, and a warranty card for any return or refund issues.

What we like:

  • Dual batteries
  • LCD
  • Compatible with multiple adapters

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3. OAproda – Rapid Micro USB Battery Charger

OAproda has produced the most compact battery charger ever. It is very thin which equals 0.71″ so it can be designated as Ultra-thin.

The charger is also light in weight which makes it the most suitable charger for both indoor and outdoor use and it becomes the perfect travel partner.

The charger also provides you with fast and safe charging. The charger comprises the newest enhancements of the CPU consisting of an IC chip along with a dual PCB panel which allows you to make changes efficiently and securely.

The charger can be charged anywhere which means just by a simple USB charger, in the car, any portable power source, and an external battery.

It is advised that you should not charge your charger or your battery through a workstation, this can cause damage to them because of the risk of high temperature. 

What we like:

  • Ultra-thin
  • Compact
  • Easy charging

4. LP – Battery Charger

This universal charger which is brought to you by LP has built-in protective systems. This would not overcharge your batteries and you would have to fear any short circuits.

The charger will also protect your batteries from any kind of high-temperature issue or high-voltage problems. The charger has been strictly tested and it is CE and RoHS certified which provides you with more surety of the safe use.

The charger is very compact and you can easily carry it anywhere with you because of the light mass it has. This capability makes it travel-friendly–friendly hence, you can effortlessly utilize it indoors or outdoors.

The charger comes with a thirty-day money-back policy which enables you to return it in case of any issues. The charger also has one year of replacement warrant which is free of cost.

What we like:

  • Secure
  • Certified
  • Travel-friendly

5. Newmowa – Dual USB Charger

Newmowa renders you with a very efficient charger that enables you to charge multiple kinds of batteries. The charger is very safe to use as it has a built-in security system which prevents it from overheating and short-circuit issues.

The charger also resists any kind of fluctuations and high temperatures. The construction of the charger is so strong that it is completely fire-resistant which makes it majorly secure.

The charger can be charged anywhere which means just by a simple USB charger, in the car, any portable power source, and an external battery.

The charger has an indication system consisting of LED lights that glow in red showing the charging status and green when the charging reaches a hundred percent.

This charger has a common micro-USB input which allows you to charge your batteries anywhere and makes this charger travel-friendly.

What we like:

  • Efficient
  • Fire-resistant
  • LED indication

6. Neewer – Dual LCD Battery Charger

This charger from Neewer comes in very handy when we talk about universal chargers. This charger permits you to charge multiple camera batteries along with the availability of charging mobile phones, tablets, etc.

The charger consists of a USB port that enables you to charge multiple USB input devices. The charger saves more energy and utilizes less. The charger is also environment-friendly.

The charger is very safe and reliable to use as it has built-in security systems that protect your batteries from overheating or overcharging.

The charger can control the current and keep it constant which secures it from any kinds of fluctuations and high-voltage issues. This charger also has the capability of charging dual batteries at the same time which leaves us speechless.

The LCD screen shows you the battery percentages. The package contains three multiple plugs which make it convenient for you to charge your batteries anywhere.

What we like:

  • Safe
  • LCD screen
  • Multiple plugs

7. SR SUN ROOM – Dual LCD Battery Charger

Universal chargers that allow you to charge two batteries simultaneously are the best ones out of all, and the list includes this charger too.

The charger has protective systems that are built-in and make it control the alternate current and protect your batteries from overheating and any fluctuation issues.

The charger also does not let the overheating, overcharging, or high temperatures do any harm to your batteries.

If you switch the slow charging mode on and use the USB port provided, you can very effortlessly charge all your USB-supported devices with this charger too, which includes all your smartphones, tablets, etc.

The power in this charger automatically turns off under high voltage. This charger is suitable for indoor-outdoor use.

What we like:

  • Protective
  • Two batteries simultaneously
  • Portable

8. Wasabi Power – Dual Battery Charger

Wasabi is a ten-year-old manufacturer producing goods and satisfying thousands of its customers.

It brings you a charger that can easily charge multiple kinds of batteries which grants you ease and you do not have to buy a different charger for every other battery you have.

This charger is very suitable for the Nikon charger and its batteries as the chargers are made for users of Nikon products. The charger has protection systems built in which avoid overcharging and overheating issues.

You can also calibrate the charging according to the charging percentage you wish to have and prevent your battery from overcharging it. Wasabi gives you a three-year warranty on all its products which makes them reliable.

What we like:

  • Supports Nikon
  • Calibration available
  • Three years of warranty

9. Bevik – Dual Camera Battery Charger

Bevik brings you a very efficient and fast charger. This charger is the best if you are looking for something that consumes less energy. The material used to make this charger is environment-friendly which allows easy disposal.

The charger has an LED indication system that shows you the charging status, the LED turns red while charging and indicates fully charged with a green color.

The charger permits you to charge two batteries simultaneously and also allows you to calibrate the charging according to the battery you have so that you get the accurate battery percentage on the display.

The charger has issues when you use it in high temperatures because the battery heats up. A battery having a high temperature can not be charged or fully charged which will make you face worse issues.

It is advised that you wait for the battery to cool down and use the charger at a temperature of zero to forty degrees centigrade.

What we like:

  • Less energy consumption
  • LED light
  • Environment-friendly

10. Batmax – Smart LCD Dual Fast Charger

This by Batmax is very efficient and fastly charges multiple types of batteries and protects your batteries.

The material used to make this charger makes it suitable for traveling and helps you work in harsh conditions. It is very easy to port and is made up of durable and sturdy synthetics.

The charger has an LCD which allows you to see the battery charging status. The charger’s dock can adjust multiple Nikon batteries. Charges the batteries in less time using less energy which allows you to charge more than one battery.

The charger comes with a thirty-day money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty which makes it more reliable.  The package includes one dual battery charger, one USB charging cable, and one car charging cable.

What we like:

  • Sturdy
  • Faster
  • USB supported

Best Universal Battery Chargers  – Buyer’s Guide

There are some specific features that you should search in when buying such products which let you know if the products are worthy of being bought or not.

You should specifically look into the details of the products so that you know what to buy depending upon your requirements.


Different sizes of chargers can cause ease or problems.

No one wants to carry the heavy and large-sized chargers with them. Prefer selecting a charger that has a very compact composition.


Most of the charges provide you with the ability to charge two batteries simultaneously which makes them more convenient to use. Always prefer the chargers which provide you with multiple options.


The charger you buy should be easily portable. This will happen if the charger is small in size and light in weight which will allow you to carry it around with maximum ease. Always select the chargers that are the most compact.


Prefer buying the chargers which provide you with the most options. Such as the dual battery chargers which also support USB charging devices allowing you to charge your mobile phones and tablets too.


The chargers which have an LCD allow you to see the battery percentage which prevents you from overcharging or overheating the batteries. This provides secure and reliable charging. Prefer the charges which have displays.

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In this article, we discussed important details about the designated product. We tried to provide you with reviews of products based on customer ratings and replies to the products. We try our best to ensure that you get helped easily.

This article has been written to ease you while buying products online, providing you with the proper links, images, and prices.

This article contains multiple types and designs made by different makers to help you select the best for you. You can select any kind of product depending on your requirements, your desires, or the space you have at home.

These are very simple and easy-to-use secure products enlisted together to help you get the best out of the best.

We hope this article helped you along with all the needs and requirements you wished to discover. We indeed wish to help you out further in the future and lend you a hand out of all the problems you get stuck into.






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