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Top 10 Best Portable Oil Drains & Oil Containers Reviews In 2024

As an automobile owner, I believe that you can agree with me that draining your auto’s oil can get messy and dirty, more importantly, without the correct equipment. However, thanks to oil lift drains that make oil draining easy while eliminating the mess that arises from an oil spill. Oil lift drains integrate an easy-pour spout that allows for a mess-free draining of the oil. Also, the equipment features durable bodies and smooth-rolling wheels to provide the convenience that is required when draining the oil. So, whether you are a mechanic or vehicle owner looking for the best oil drains, we have your needs covered. In this article, we shall review the ten best oil drains today.

Best Oil Drains Reviews

10. Lincoln Air Operated 18 Gallon Fluid Drain Tanks – Adjustable Funnel Height, Fluid Level Indicator

An affordable option that will help you transfer, drain, or evacuate used oil lies in using the Lincoln 3601 Portable Drain Tank. It includes a sight gauge and an evacuation hose for immediate use after arrival. Moreover, there is a large 14″/2.75-gallon bowl. The bowl’s height is adjustable from 45″ to 72″ for convenient use.

The drain tank uses a standard pressure relief valve and a fixed air inlet regulator. It accepts a standard shop air pressure of up to 150PSI. With two 3″ ball bearing swivel casters and two 6″ fixed axle wheels, it is easy to maneuver over floors. Besides, the drain tank features an all-steel construction for durability.

Highlighted features

  • The 18-gallon tank features steel construction.
  • 14″ bowl adjusts in height from 45″ to 72″.
  • Four wheels for easy maneuverability.

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9. Lisle 11102 8 Gallons Oil Lift Drain

Next, we have the 11102 Oil Lift Drain from Lisle. If you are looking for a versatile oil drain, I would like to recommend this product. It offers a wide working range from 36.5″ to 74″. This means that you can apply it on a wide variety of projects with an assurance of convenient use. Additionally, the lift drain features a built-in strainer with a wheeled quick-release adjustment. Its base doesn’t warp with hot oil to guarantee strength and durability.

The specially shaped jug is another addition. It holds up to 8 gallons, while its translucent design makes it possible to view the fluid easily. Also, the 15″ funnel includes a strainer that helps to catch drain plugs. The heavy-duty adjustment clamp is another addition that allows for easy adjustment of the height. Plus, there are four 2.5″ ball bearing wheels. With these, you can roll the oil drain easily and smoothly.

Highlighted features

  • Big pour spout features a threaded cap.
  • Low center of gravity for stable usage
  • A quick-release clamp allows for the easy adjustment of the height
  • A big pour spout with a threaded cap allows for the fast pouring of the oil.

8. Lincoln 3508 Portable Used Fluid Plastic Waste Oil Drains

The Lincoln 3508 is a portable drain that collects used transmission fluid, motor oil, or coolant. It features an 8-gallon capacity for fast draining of the oil. On top of that, the oil drain features a high-density polyethylene construction. Because of this, it can support a long-lasting and durable performance. The oil drain is height adjustable from 36″ to 65″ to enhance versatility. It includes an integrated oil filter drain shelf to eliminate the need for a secondary surface to set the tools.

The standard splash guard is another plus designed to offer protection from overspray. Plus, there is a quick-adjustment clamp. The clamp supports easy raising and lowering of the drain funnel to enhance versatility. The bung ports support a wide variety of rotary pumps for the removal of the collected fluids. Besides, there is an optional cam lock evacuation kit that works with diaphragm pump systems.

Highlighted features

  • An integrated oil filter drain shelf offers additional convenience.
  • High-density polyethylene guarantees durability.
  • Cater wheels for smooth movement.
  • Drain spigot and bung port for the removal of the collected fluid

7. Goodyear Air Operated Heavy-Duty Waste Oil Drain Tank – 30 Gallon

This is an air-operated waste oil drain tank. It can hold a maximum of 30 gallons/115 liters. The tank includes a 4.8-gallon/18-liter collecting bowl. The bowl offers a maximum draining pressure of 1 bar/14.5PSI. You can hook the oil drain to an air compressor. This makes it capable of operating at a 14.5PSI pressure to ensure efficient operation. The oil drain includes a commercial-grade draining hose that is resistant to oil, acids, and abrasion. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°F to 212°F.

The drain tank includes an extension funnel that consists of a filtrating plank to catch the debris. Its collecting bowl extends from 53.1″ to 72″ to enhance versatility. The front of the tank includes two wheels attached using a single strut axle for strength. The rear features two individual caster wheels attached into the brackets for smooth and efficient rolling.

Highlighted features

  • Built-in tool slots offer easy access to the tools.
  • Ergonomic grip handle for user comfort.
  • An oil scale built into the tank ensures accurate measurement of the tank’s capacity.

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6. Crew Chief JDI-27DC Self-Evacuating Oil Drains – 27 Gallons

The Crew Chief JDI-27DC is a self-evacuating oil drain. Using it, you can self-evacuate using regular shop air. The oil drain adopts an auto-check technology that supports smooth and automatic drain evacuation. It includes a 27-gallon heavy-duty polyethylene tank. The tank integrates 4″ heavy-duty casters to facilitate its smooth movement. The sight glass is another addition. It gives a quick indication of the fluid level for easy tracking.

Also, there is a 16″ deep drain funnel. The funnel is complete with a removable metal screen to protect debris, drain plugs, or tools from entering the drain body. You can adjust the funnel’s height from 45″ to 70,” making it compatible with a variety of tasks. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the built-in pockets on top of the tank to store different items. The oil drain includes a pressure release safety valve, an evacuation hose, and an air regulator for immediate use on arrival.

Highlighted features

  • Four caster wheels for stability and mobility
  • Built-in site gauge for easy tracking of the fluid levels
  • Molded pockets accommodate “cap-style” filter wrenches.

5. Lincoln 3518 Portable Used Fluid Plastic Waste Oil Drain

The Lincoln 3518 is a portable Oil Drain that collects fluids such as transmission fluids and motor oil. It features an 18-gallon capacity drain that allows it to evacuate the oil quickly. The drain is made using high-density polyethylene for durability. There are a bung port and drain spigots designed to work with a variety of hand and rotary pumps while removing the collected fluid.

The oil drain funnel is adjustable from 40″ to 77″ for versatile use. It integrates an oil filter drain shelf to eliminate the need for a secondary surface to set the tools. The quick-adjustment clamp allows for easy raising and lowering of the drain funnel. An optional cam lock evacuation kit works with diaphragm pump systems and a splash guard for overspray protection.

Highlighted features

  • High-density polyethylene for durability.
  • Adjustable funnel height from 40″ to 77″.
  • Smooth-rolling caster wheels.

4. Lincoln Lubrication 3614 Pressurized Used Oil Evacuation Drain

The Lincoln 3614 Oil Evacuation Drain is a handy and easy-to-use oil drain. It features a low-profile design for ease of use and storage. Also, it is easy to maneuver using the integrated wheels. The oil drain is highly stable and, thus, safe to use. It features a repositioning tank that catches the fluid. Supplied with a pressure relief valve, fixed air regulator, and hose hanger, the oil drain is easy to use and convenient to use on arrival. Plus, the telescoping bowl adjusts from 44″ to 72″ for versatility. The oil drain has a 20-gallon capacity. Its tank is made using steel for durability.

Highlighted features

  • Sturdy handle for convenient handling
  • Four, smooth-rolling caster wheels
  • The telescoping bowl offers greater flexibility.

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3. Roughneck Steel Low-Profile Oil Drain – 5-Gallon, 12 Volt

The Roughneck is a low-profile oil drain that stands at 7-7/8″. It can roll under the cars and trucks using the four caster wheels. The oil drain features a 15-gallon capacity with a 12-volt pump. The 12-volt cables can clamp to any 12-volt battery for efficient use. The oil drain includes an expanded metal cover that reduces the splash.

Its built-in 12-volt pump has 10-1/2 GPM flow rates that enhance a quick and effortless fluid transfer. Given the included pump, no manual pumping is needed when using the oil drain. Plus, there is an 8-foot drain hose that allows for easy fluid transfer to disposal containers. The oil drain includes 3″ front swivel casters that deliver a smooth movement.

Highlighted features

  • Four wheels for smooth maneuvering.
  • Broad base for stability.
  • Ergonomic handles for user comfort.

2. Dannmar Portable 8-Gallon Oil Drain – Model Number DO-8G

This is a durable 8-gallon oil drain. It incorporates a 17.25″ diameter funnel. The funnel features a wide drain pipe that promotes a fast and mess-free draining of the oil. Adding to that, the portable oil drain funnel adjusts from 48″ to 67″. This design makes it possible to achieve the perfect draining height with less mess and splash.

The built-in oil screen is another addition that keeps the debris out of the oil reservoir. Plus, an oil level indicator allows you to know when the 8-gallon capacity tank is full. The oil drain includes smooth-rolling casters for easy maneuverability. Its convenient handgrip is another addition designed to offer easy control when draining.

Highlighted features

  • Low-profile design easily rolls under the cars.
  • Partial tool-less assembly guarantees easy setup.
  • The oil drain funnel adjusts in height from 48″ to 67″.

1. JohnDow Industries 25HDC Heavy Duty Self-Evacuating Oil Drain

The 25HDC is a heavy-duty 25-gallon oil drain. It is built using steel that resists rust and corrosion. The oil drain utilizes Auto-Check technology. This technology allows for easy and automatic drain evacuation to eliminate oil shower risk. Equipped with a 16″ deep drawn-centered funnel with a metal screen, the drain can ensure smooth draining of the oil without the risk of adding debris.

Plus, it features a 4-caster design. As a result, it offers smooth movement and superior stability. The oil draining funnel is height adjustable, from 50″ to 70″ for versatility. There is a built-in sight tube that shows the fluid level in the tank. The 6-feet quick-disconnect discharge hose is another addition. The hose is easy to disconnect and attach to a storage hose. With a molded tray, this unit allows for the convenient storage of the tools.

Highlighted features

  • Heavy-duty casters enhance smooth mobility.
  • 360-degree swivel base for easy positioning
  • A sight glass provides a quick hint of fluid level.


The best oil drains provide the required solution to help you drain the oil from your autos smoothly and conveniently. Therefore, buy one of the reviewed products as you look forward to the smooth maintenance of your vehicles.






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