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Top 10 Best Gardening Aluminum Scoop Shovels Reviews In 2024

Scoop shovels are crucial tools when you live in areas with heavy snowfalls. Snow blocking the way to your garage can easily be scooped away using the best scoop shovels. If you’re looking for the best scoop shovel to buy, then you’re at the right place. We’ve selected the leading scoop shovels on the market for you to buy. These shovels perform well on different types of snow helping clear your pathways faster without straining your back. They are the leading brands on the market with good reviews, and you can order one with confidence.

Table of the Best Scoop Shovels Reviews

10. True Temper Aluminum Scoop Shovels with Hardwood Handle

The True Temper scoop shovel is a premium aluminum shovel with a wide 15-inch blade. The shovel can dig up to 8 inches deep of snow giving you a large scoop at once. It features a D-grip that gives a secure grip and better leverage as you scoop. The handle is made of hardwood and measures 260-inches giving the shovel stability when scooping. Overall, this is a durable and lightweight scoop shovel for removing snow and other materials like mulch and stones.


  • D-grip for secure grips
  • 15-inch wide blade
  • Digs up to 8 inches deep
  • 26-inch hardwood handle

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9. FOREST HILL Super Tuff – Aluminum Straight Edge Snow Scoop Shovel

This is the ultimate shovel for any gardener, professional farmer or landscaper. It is a versatile scoop shovel that scoops snow, mulch, grain, silage, barns, coal, feed, stones, compost, and much more. It features a durable poly D-grip handle that offers a firm grip without slipping. The top edge is curved to add to the strength of the shovel. It is a quality shovel crafted from durable solid ash. Overall, this is one of the best scoop shovels with a patented design and a thick aluminum metal.


  • 125 thick aluminum
  • Patented design
  • Curved top edge for added strength
  • Durable poly D-grip handle

8. Harris Farms Poly Barn Shovel

The Harris Farms scoop shovel is a one-piece virtually indestructible scoop shovel made of the molded polypropylene material. It is a great inclusion on our list with a non-corrosive finish that will offer you long-lasting use. The shovel features a 30-inch solid shaft for stability, a deep pocket, and a comfortable grip for easy scooping. It is an excellent choice when you need to transfer loose materials at home.  It comes with a one-year limited warranty so that you can order with confidence.


  • Deep bucket
  • 30-inch solid shaft
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • One-piece polypropylene molding

7. Nupla WS10D-E Ergo Power Steel Western Scoop

The Nupla Ergo Power Steel scoop shovel is an ergonomic choice that will enable you to scoop loose materials without getting fatigued fast. It features a sturdy shaft and D-closed grip for a firm and secure holding. This allows you to pull and push through the snow with ease.  The handle of this shovel is among the best on the market meeting the highest performance ratings. They feature Nuplaglas cores. The blade measures 18 inches high and 14.5 inches wide for a large snow scooping.


  • Large blade measuring 14.5W by 18L inches
  • Closed D-grip handle
  • Ergonomic power handles
  • Fiberglass material

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6. TAMES INC True Temper D-Grip Transfer Shovel with Wood Handle

The AMES scoop shovel is a square pointed shovel with a steel blade and one of the perfect choices when transferring loose materials like sand, gravel, soil, and rocks. It features a comfortable D-grip for a secure grip and easy handling. It is pretty easy to scoop and unload using this shovel.  The hardwood handle is 24-inches which ideal for a good reach and easy control.


  • Square pointed shovel
  • 24-inch hardwood handle
  • Ergonomic D-grip
  • Comfortable, secure footing

5. Bully Tools 92400 Mulch/Snow Scoop with Fiberglass D-grip Handle

This is another quality shovel made in the United States to the highest standards. It is a commercial-grade shovel with a quality high strength fiberglass handle to serve you for long. It also features a durable polypropylene D grip which is not just any regular plastic. The grip is extra-wide for easy handling and features a non-slip surface for a firm grip. Overall, this is one of the best scoop shovels on the market with a lifetime limited warranty.


  • Commercial grade quality
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Durable D-grip
  • Non-slip textured handle

4. FOREST HILL Manufacturing Homeowner Aluminum Scoop Shovel

This is a lightweight FOREST HILL scoop shovel ideal for scooping mulch, snow, compost and other light uses at home. It is a unique patented design with an aluminum metal 0.90 thick for durability. The shaft of the shovel is of superior quality. It is a quality shovel made in the USA by Lancaster County to the highest standards. It is 48-inches long giving you great control and good reach when shoveling.


  • 0.90 aluminum thickness
  • 48 inches long
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for general tasks at home
  • Patented design

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3. Suncast SG 1600 14-inch Snow Shovel Scoop

Suncast scoop shovel is a leading brand in the industry with a wide range of features. It is a high-quality scoop shovel with an angled rib pattern to easily scoop sand, snow, and other loose materials.  The blade of this shovel is durable and long-lasting. It is a non-stick graphite blade measuring 14 by 18 inches. The handle features a smooth resin for a firm grip and easy control of the shovel.


  • 14 by 18 inches blade
  • Angled rib pattern blade
  • Non-stick graphite blade
  • Smooth resin handle

2. A.M Leonard Poly 42-Inch Scoop Shovel with D-grip Handle

This is the only true multi-purpose scoop shovel with a great D-grip handle to offer you easy handling and leverage. It is a one-piece molded scoop shovel that will never break or rust offering long-lasting use. You can be sure of using it for years to come and gaining good value for your money. It is a versatile shovel that can be used for landscaping, unloading trucks, cleaning decks, scooping snow, and much more. The shovel surface is non-stick and measures 14 by 17 inches.


  • Non-stick surface
  • One-piece molded shovel design
  • True-multipurpose shovel
  • Measures 14 by 17 inches

1. Poly Pro Tools Tuffy 1-Piece Shovel

This is our last pick scoop shovel that comes in green, tan, or red. It is another versatile shovel that will help you accomplish various tasks at home with ease. This shovel works as a snow scoop, mulch shovel, landscaping, patios, and decks. It is sturdily made and features a non-stick surface that is rust-proof. It is a safe shovel to use on any surface without damage. Pick from any of the three colors and start accomplishing simple tasks with ease.


  • Non-stick surface
  • Grain, snow and mulch shovel
  • Lightweight


Make sure you buy a scoop shovel after reading our reviews above. These are the best scoop shovels on the market currently and best placed to offer you great value for your money. Order today and start scooping snow, sand, gravel, and soil with ease. Read more about lawn aerator shoes.






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